Maya Bay Thailand PUBLIC Art by: Daron,Summer,and sOphia

Second Largest Island of the archipelago. Surrounded by steep limestone hills. There are not that much eye catching places about this beach. It is usually known for its natural paradise feeling.

We were thinking of adding a glass pier. To view the crystal clear water. It will be very classy to make sure to keep the paradise feeling.

"Paradise like"

A glass bridge in China's most popular mountain is what also influenced our group . Maya Bay Beach is Thailands most popular beach so why not add a glass pier to bring more people to this beautiful sight ? The amount of money we plan to spend is a maximum of $90,000-100,000.
The width of the pier will be 1,600 feet long with a height of 130 feet.

Final Piece

This is what it it would look like if we added the glass to the beach we wanted to pier to go out into the ocean so you can see under you and it would be a cool way of exploring the ocean .


Created with images by phalinn - "Maya Bay" • suyashdixit - "thailand phuket phi phi island" • aanjhan - "Thailand Island hopping"

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