Good Life Tour of the Harn By: Akshay Varsani

Medium of the Art / Technique of the artist

My and the painting by Yvonne Jacquette
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Art work by Yvonne Jacquette, Oil on linen.

This art work I saw today at the Harn was painted by Yvonne Jacquette born in 1934, called "Chelsea Composite II" which is a oil on linen. The painting is of dark city environment and the only lights are those from building windows and street lights. Seeing the painting in person really helped me appreciate the power the oil had on creating such a darker night environment. The contrast agains the white wall helps the painting standout to show how dark of an environment it is. That is what the oil medium had really stood out to me. It communicated the new environment we live in, with our own man made lights to flood the night, it really told me that the city never sleeps. The artwork made me feel intrigued and interested in our own human behavior, that we are active even at night, we have created a world that we dominate.


A picture of me in my favorite wing of the Museum.
A picture of my favorite wing of the museum.

In these two pictures there are the display and wing of my favorite part of the museum. In the background of the first picture is a "Woman's Wedding Ensemble (asherab nabuak)." The reason for this wing to be my favorite in the museum is because of the large floor space and elevated ceiling. The spaciousness of the design had really appealed to me, I felt as if it gave the art the respect it deserves. The exhibit makes me feel very comfortable and welcoming because of the space I have to observe the art, either from afar or up close. The spaciousness of the wing also allowed for the echo of voices which I had appreciated as it made the experience feel shared among the group of people and strangers in the exhibit.


Male Royal Ancestor Mask (Bwoon)

This mask originates from the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Kuba people. Made in 1939 the Male Royal Ancestor Mask. This artwork brings me happiness and most importantly memories. From the age of 4 I had lives in Nairobi, Kenya for 5 years. This is where I had grown an appreciation for the culture and history of the country, the significance of tribal history. I remember growing up and going to the grasslands and seeing tribesmen and women even with masks similar to these. It truly helps me cherish my time in Africa and appreciate the history of the country. The level of detail paid to the mask helps create the feelings of happiness and appreciation I feel for the art work.


Russkie #92

Art and the Good Life: In this picture by Anastasia Khoroshilova, a Russian born in 1978. The artwork is a chromogenic development print that features a "Russian family with three generations of girls in their domestic domain." I believe that the artwork invokes the theme of shared experiences in good life. As these three proud women stand, they share family, tradition, culture and history which is something they carry together as the seek the Good life. This artwork adds toward my appreciation of my own family and friends and out shared experiences, everything I have gone through I have learned through them and experienced with them. I felt I have learned that though we may each individually achieve the good life, I believe that we need others around us to help us there.

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