Global Warming Michael cheong

The title of the editorial is Editorial: Global warming Here are five things that politicians need to do in the fight against climate change. It is written by James Yang. His lead is "As Galveston beachgoers jumped into the surf on a record-setting 75-degree Christmas Day, it must have been tempting for climate change activists to point and shout: "See! Global warming is real!" He used delayed lead.
My own lead is polar bears are losing their homes because of melting glaciers caused by global warming. I also used delayed lead.
Major oil and coal companies such as Royal Dutch Shell and Exxon Mobil Corp. are agreeing that global warming is a serious problem. United States is still trying to find a better alternative energy source.
Global warming is caused by rising CO2 levels, emissions of greenhouse gases, rising temperatures, rising sea levels, and unpredictable weather. Global warming is happening worldwide but some more than others. 
It is estimated that global warming started to happen somewhere around 1975. The major cause of global warming is because greenhouse gas created by humans traps hot airs inside our Earth's atmosphere.
To fix this problem, 1) set national tax on Carbon emission. 2) dedicated focus on funding research related to energy efficiency. 3) policy makers need to prepare for the worst event.
"It is tempting to blame every deadly storm or warm winter day on global warming, but the reality is that the real consequences will be decades in the future. Children and grandchildren will have to confront the effects of policy decisions made today - we hope our politicians will act wisely." This conclusion is a pleasant conclusion. My conclusion is All these causes are made by humans who are too greedy. This is point forward.

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