Good Life Tour of the Harn Travis Hoffmann

Technique of the Artist: Contrary to what might be seen from a computer screen, this piece of artwork is significant to me because of the tremendous detail that was involved. The amount of effort that would be required to be so intricate on the paper fascinates me. As I looked up close, with the help of my magnifying glass, I could see all of the individual marks that created this overall picture of a man with a center cut hat. This art made me feel impressed with the authors attention to detail and made me jealous that I am not able to contain such skill.
Design of the Museum: The African Collection caught my attention mainly because of the entrance, but then with the additional subjects after. To begin with, as I entered in, there was a projection onto the wall of African people dancing around an area. The motion and rhythm caught my attention immediately after I walked into the gallery. The use of space then after was appealing to me because of how it embraced me into the African culture. I enjoyed the variety of pieces that were evenly spaced out throughout this wing and it was a good beginning to my tour. The embracement created by the design of this wing made me feel as if I was being briefly adopted into their culture which was so unique compared to my own culture.
Art and Core Values: I small statue of Buddha appealed to me because of the emotional feels that it gave me. I felt deep into though just like Buddha is here while I was observing this artwork and it also gave me a sense of peacefulness. I was then reminded by this piece that I need to find things in my life that make me feel at ease so that I do not get caught up with all of the stress that is involved in being a college student. Additionally, the way that this statue did not focus as much on the small details made me feel as if I could apply that to my life in seeking the good life. I realized that sometimes I just need to go with the flow instead of worrying about little details so that I can enjoy a happy state of mind. The feeling of peace from this statue had a significant impact on my visit to the art museum and I believe that is why it is the most memorable to me.
Art and the Good Life: This painting of a house stuck out to me because of how symmetrical, yet simple it was. While viewing this artwork, I was reminded in my search for the good life that I need to try my best to live a life that is full of balance and simplicity so that I can achieve maximum happiness. I studied the geometric lines and shapes and also the bold choice of red as the color of the house when comprehending this piece. I appreciated how perfectly painted the lines and house were and motivated me to try to also be as perfect in my life choices as this artist was in his painting.

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