Scientific Research Bailey Hobbs, Class 5, due may 16, Genus: Oreamnos

The Characteristics of Life

Reproduction- to create offspring

Parent and Baby mountain goats together
Reproduction Graph of Mountain Goats

Help! Donate money so that we can incorporate programs in order to save more baby and female mountain goats during breeding season. These helpers will be able to make sure they are all safe for their first parts of life and stay with their parents. Thanks!

Adapt to Environment- able to be passes down thought surroundings

Mountain Goat climbing mountain using their feet pads to help climb which is an adaptation
Labeled Diagram of Adaptations is an article about how mountain goats can climbs such steep mountains and how it happens all the time. Because of their feet, they can pretty much stick to the mountain to climb up to 60 degrees up the mountain. The feet are hard and bony on the outside and soft on the inside. They can also wiggle their front toes together and apart so they can grip surfaces better. And the convex shape of their hooves act like slip-proof soles. All of this can start just a couple of days of being born!

Maintain Homeostasis- internal, steady, state of balance

Mountain Goat eating to maintain homeostasis because a diet is very important to maintain homeostasi
Digestive System of a Mountain Goat

The HCCS Program with the Glacier National Park has developed research that was able to make the programs to keep all the goats together and alive with diets and the scientists can test them, and then the mountain goats can maintain homeostasis which you need in order to survive.

Grow and Develop- to increase in size and change

Two mountain goats, because one of them has grown
Labeled Diagram of body parts that grow and develop

Help! Please donate money to the BQZ Program in order for the mountain goat to survive and be able to let them grow and grow smoothly for the first couple of years of life so they can live a long life as a mountain goat! Every dollar counts!

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