Sounny Maria Munoz


  • A group of 8 voted on officials, selected by the towns people. will be running the community.
  • The community will be sure to make sure no one official will be superior than any other official to have an equal balance between everyone.


  • Equal trade among the community, due to survival being necessary for everyone so everyone will be sharing and trading goods.
  • No lower / middle / upper class in the community, everyone is equal in standards and in class.
  • The community will rely on agriculture and will have to grow crops.


There is freedom of religion, no one will be worried about what each other believes in our only concern is survival.

Social Structure

We are a small community but we continue to leave our doors open to any stragglers who are in need of a new home or sanctuary.

Arts / Entertainment

In our spare time we our free time to do what we would like after our regular schedule day has been completed like if we were in the present time and date.

Sounny Flag

Sounny Currency

National Anthem

" We wake up on a beautiful Sounny day and sleep by night here we know know we have our individual needs and rights."


Water Resource

Elk River


  • potatoes
  • corn
  • pumpkins
  • beans
  • lettuce
  • blackberries
  • apples

Main Form of Communication


Sounny Camp Grounds


Sounny Ed.

General Store

Sounny General Store

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