Living Well with Auto Immune disease

Welcome to my first Auto-Immune disease edition where I will be sharing information relevant to living with an auto immune diseases like spondyloarthropathy, colitis and coeliac. I will share recent research, ideas for living well with disease and a place for finding help in your local areas.

Summer heat can be a real trouble maker for lots of people who suffer from auto immune diseases, yes Winter too brings trouble but the heat robs spoons away rapidly and we need to keep out of the hottest part of the day, 11-3pm, humidity can also cause problems, I have helped this by buying a dehumidifier for my bedroom and using it each afternoon to take away moisture from the air which makes it cooler at bedtime.

Summer Spoons

Here are some links to support in New Zealand, click on them and join their newsletters for local events and support.

Those are just a few that I have found helpful and useful. Because we all have different issues I found I had to become an expert in my particular diagnosis and learn quickly how to respond to whatever the 5 immune disease diagnosis I have throws at me on a daily basis. Research and a truck load of trial and error is needed to manage the symptoms and I have learnt that not every symptom is a crisis or needs immediate attention rather it is just information for me to keep track of. Now you can get your own blood results sent to you after each test, I have found this very helpful, I keep a spread sheet so I can track changes it helped me realise that some symptoms although very painful did not warrant immediate attention rather a change up in how or when I took my meds. We are all different and the more we become our own experts on our own symptoms the better we can work with our Practitioners to be as well s we can be.

Partnering With your Doctor

PWYD Partnering with your doctor

Collect information about your condition/s

set the goals and course of action.

Select and decide on treatment Options

Reassess if working or adjustments needed.


I found this a very informative Video for both myself and for my significant other to watch.

Good basic video about Coeliac disease too, no it's not a choice to be gluten free, it is a life threatening disease.

Breakfast is important for many of us because we take our Meds in the morning and need to protect our stomachs, Berry Omlette is my favourite at the moment as Berries are plentiful.

1 large egg

1 tbsp skimmed milk

3 pinches of cinnamon

½ tsp coconut oil or butter

100g cottage cheese or mushrooms

175g chopped strawberry

, blueberries and raspberries

Beat egg with milk and cinnamon. Heat oil in a 20cm non-stick frying pan and pour in the egg mixture, swirling to evenly cover the base. Cook for a few mins until set and golden underneath. There’s no need to flip it over. Place on a plate, spread over cheese, then scatter with berries. Roll up and serve.

Side effects from immunosuppression drugs, One of the side effects is reoocuringKidney or UTI infections, if you are menopausal and immuno Suppressed this can be frequent and needs urgent attention. There are a number of ways this can be treated like prophylactic antibiotics and HRT etc, talk to you GP if this is a side effect of your Biologic immuno suppresing drugs. Nausea is another common side effect from meds, there are several drugs to help this, plus ginger is calming and ice chips can help to keep you hydrated.

Specialist in New Zealand include the following Doctors.

You can access specialist doctors in some areas through your PHO, e.g. Nelson has a specialist Rheumatology team that practice out of the Richmond PHO office area. Ask your GP where best to access services.

This concludes January 2017 version, hope you find some useful information here, or can pass this on to a newly diagnosed person.

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