Filippino Lippi Cam Fillion


-Filippino Lippy was born in 1459 in Plato, Italy.

-He spent most of his life in Florence.

-His patron is mostly Boticcelli who he did lots of works with but he also had some influence from Medici.

-most of his young artistic training came from his father

-he was strictly a painter

-He completed Masaccio's and Masolino's unfinished frescoes in the Brancacci Chapel, S. Maria del Carmine, so successfully imitating Masaccio's style

-Lippi passed away on April 18, 1504


-This image is called ¨Deposition from the Cross¨

-it was made in 1504

-They are trying to take Christ off the cross witch shows Fillipino Lippi´s point of view on religion

-This image shows christianism because it is religious trying to save Christ.

-I never found information on where it is today but is is probably in a museum somewhere safe.

-this picture is interesting to me because there is so many people that try to help Christ.

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