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Fashion designer/illustrator @ www.lov-tribe.com

Finding balance and harmony in the layout and colours design with flowers and cherries branches for the brand LOV-TRIBE x DK
The top design feature a remake of the Gustave Doré's illustration to Dante's Inferno plate with flowers and gothic typeface. The bottom illustration of an antique rose become the central element for a stylish t-shirt.
A pink Chinese dragon and lotus flowers as the central elements of the sweatshirt, mixing symbol of power and delicate feminity, created with the design outline of the dragon and the watercolour texture of the flower.
Sweatshirt illustration designs, Inspired by the passion of Marie Magdalene starring as Jesus's disciple, has motivated this glorifying neo-romantic design. It is not a religious illustration, more a homage to the strength and sublime energy of every woman, of all age, and all countries who follow their hearts.
Adaptation of a bear illustration with many sources of antique flowers placed like a necklace around the head of the bear. An invitation to find beauty in the most powerful roar of the heart.
On the top picture, I have used a cow skull on which I have applied an overlay of an antique Japanese illustrations featuring a landscape with delicate flowers. The last two designs feature an inpiration for the techno scene persona.
Two all over t-shirts with overlay of pictures of the sky and mountain in the middle. And a retouched camouflage pattern and saturated antique illustration of butterflies on both sides of the grid.
Antique flower illustrations adapted for an all over t-shirt design with foliage background.
Illustration above applied all over to a v-neck t-shirt.
Inspired by a picture of a dog retouched with layers of colours for the party scene.
Currencies, flowers and fruits as symbols of wealth.
Inspired from an antique Japanese illustration of butterflies, and a golden Chinese dragon. This design is meant to portray power and lightness of being.
Black and white minimalist design adapted to the techno scene.
An inspirational visual, vibrant in colours with birds in the head, defining a free personality.
All over sweatshirt design full of visual symbols of power and good fortune, with dragons, flowers, birds, and sun defining a unique style.
Sample of an antique Japanese illustration of a geisha, retouched coloured and from which I added floral elements to create a design skirt.
Montage of a photography of the sky and flower illustration, symbolising the lightness of what a"divine being' could be.


Cover + inside page designer and author - My background as a yogy and graphic designer melt together to inspire my work with limitless creative possibilities. My creations are my meditations; I share through these guided journals my life dedication to uplift others. It is a fantastic journey to see these journals taking forms, and see them enlightening people’s lives in their unique way.
I engage audience online with social media marketing, designing striking visuals/quotes to increase any brand awareness.
Social media manager at Prana Yoga studio London. E1
Capturing the audience attention, bring more people into the classes.


Shopify website design

Wordpress web design


T-shirt design Autumn/winter 2019 collection video marketing

Marketing yoga training



My fine art practice, is a long time research which seek to represent the visible and invisible ‘substance’ of human life. I am fascinated by master renaissance artists and their body representation which have inspired my drawings. My practice evolved beyond the physical body, sketching large-scale charcoal, drawing the impalpable, under the surface of the skin. Outlining new body forms, abstract and sensitive, I continued my search until a visible universe emerged, inviting to see the ‘life force energy’ of the human inner-self. Permanent work in progress.

My mission: "Put stars in people's eyes."

Feel free to get in touch at: designing4forthestars@hotmail.com

I am available at short notice, working from my home studio in London. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon. All the best, Nathalie

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