Good Life: Florida Museum of Natural Hisory by: Kenny Yin

Nature on Display- The frog exhibit in the museum was an exhibit that appealed to me in particular. As soon as I walked into this exhibit I already felt like I was in some sort of rainforest because green and glowing lights illuminated the whole room. This exhibit really captured my attention because as I walked around the exhibit I was able to read about rare and unique species of frogs and then view them with my very eyes. This exhibit enabled me to learn more about frogs rather than just watching videos about them because not only was I able to perform virtual dissections with my mind but I was able to read all about them. Each cage was decorated to the natural and exact habitat of each frog so that they could feel at home. I found this minds on experience of the museum very enjoyable because I was able to search around for the frogs in each of their little homes and then read about how different each one is from the last. I never really knew much about frogs before, but now I know the role they play and how important they are for the health of our ecosystem.
Nature and Ethics- Leopold advocated for humans to become more appreciative of nature and to become part of the land rather than conquering it. The Florida Museum of Natural History really provided me an opportunity to experience nature in the way that Leopold wants all humans to. When I entered the Butterfly Garden, I was in awe. There I was strolling around the garden with other visitors and a numerous amount of butterflies. Not only was I present in the home of these butterflies but they were actually landing and flying on visitors like it was nothing. I really felt connected as one with nature during my time in the butterfly garden. I also think that I could say the same for all the visitors in the garden as well. Many were taking pictures with their cameras to capture the true beauty of nature. This experience really helped me appreciate the majesty of the natural world for its true beauty. Most of the time in my daily life I am always doing other things and not really appreciating nature but this opportunity helped me take a moment and slowed things down for me. In the butterfly garden I realized that maybe humans aren't as superior as we think we are and at the end of the day we are all just a part of nature.
Nature and the Human Spirit- As I observed the fossil exhibit, it made me think about the eternality of the universe. Here I am, in 2017 A.D, scrutinizing and learning about fossils from thousands to millions of years ago. As I read about these fossils my imagination was running wild. This exhibit made me imagine that I traveled back in time and was living in the moment when these fossils were no longer fossils. The fact that these fossils were preserved and are still being displayed millions of years later shows how long mother nature has been around. The thought of how short our life spans are and how irrelevant we are compared to the natural world from a universal aspect shocks me. This exhibit helped me step out of my ordinary life because each fossil took me back to a different time period in history. An example of this is the ancient Megalodon shark fossil behind me. Nowadays we think about the Great White shark being the most dangerous predator in the sea, but there was a point in this world when sharks 30x the size of Great Whites ruled the sea! This section of the museum made me think about how nature and the world used to be way different compared to how I know it now.


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