My Amazing Life By: Iliana Robles

Beau, Destiny, Diego, Iliana (me), and Andrea

My name is Iliana Robles, I am 17 years old, and I go to school at Lamesa High School. I am a junior, and I like to be involved in and outside of school. I was inducted into the National Honors Society, when my friends and I walked the stage and received a certificate and pin.

My favorite sport to do is track. My freshman year at Klondike, I made it to state for the 1X400 M Relay, and 800 M Relay. We placed 3rd in the 800 M Relay in Austin.

I have a brother named Isaac who is in college( red shirt), Syrena (blue shirt), Sydnee (yellow shirt), William ( blue shirt with wider stripes), and George ( darker blue with smaller stripes he is a junior here at Lamesa.)

When I get older, I want to work in the criminal justice system. I want to get my major as a crime scene investigator.

I like to listen to music. I listen to music almost the whole day, the only time I don't get to listen to music is when I am at work.

I work at United Supermarkets as a sacker, checker, or blocker.

I have a boxer dog, her name is Chiquita. She is smaller than most dogs; she was the runt of the litter.

My favorite thing to do on my free time, is play volleyball. Every year, my family throws a huge family get together and we have a volleyball tournament.

My favorite movies are the X-Men movies. My favorite character from those movies are Wolverine.

My favorite animal is a penguin. I like how they can slide on their tummies and walk from side to side.


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