Women's History Month Tribute By: Paige Darling & Janessa Mosqueda

Before Women’s History Month comes to end we want to celebrate not only ourselves but the amazing women in our lives and community. Acknowledging the greatness of women throughout history is not limited to one month but during this time we want to take a special moment with this video. And as the great poet Maya Anelgou once said remember:

“I’m a woman


Phenomenal woman,

That’s me.” — "Phenomenal Woman"

Transcribed Quotes

Ella Mahaney ‘22: The best I have ever heard is that women need to build eachother up, because success for one woman is success for all women.

Janessa Mosqueda ‘22: My advice to other girls is to never let anybody treat you as less than you are because you are worth so much and you are so important and you have so much to offer so never let anybody bring you down and always keep your head high.

Emme McLean ‘22: The best advice my mom gave me was to know your worth and know that sometimes it's okay to leave a situation that you don't feel comfortable in and just know that you deserve better sometimes, than what you’re getting.

Charlotte McLaughlin ‘21: My advice to girls which I've learned from experience because i used to do this all the time is, don't feel like you have to change your personality or belief system just to get a group of dumb guys to like you. Especially if that includes just putting girls down for no reason. It just doesn't look good and if you have to do that in the first place, is it really worth it?

Lily Hanafin ‘22: Some of the best advice that i've ever received is that luck is being ready when the opportunity arrives.

Macy Hepokoski ‘22: The best advice I've ever gotten was from my grandma when she told me to not care what others are doing and to be unique to myself.

Morgan Fry ‘22: The advice I would give women is that growth and success happens outside of your comfort zone. Even though as females we might fear people or things that come when we push our limits, remember that you are stronger than you know and you will achieve your goals.

Grace Moore ‘22: My advice to women everywhere, all over, is to stay strong and keep fighting because the world knocks you down over and over and you just have to keep getting back up and sticking to what you believe in no matter what, because in the end it will work out for you. Even if it doesn't there will be people that heard your voice and are behind you.

Rory Quealy ‘22: The best advice that I have received from a woman that has really stuck with me was from a previous coach of mind and she said to remind yourself that you can do hard things. And I think that's something that may seem so obvious but it's also something that I feel like I really need to hear.

Claire Williams ‘21: You have your whole life to be married, you have your whole life to live in a house, don’t stop your adventures too early.

Brooke Chomko ‘22: My advice for women is to advocate for yourself if you think you’re getting lesser treatment because of your gender and also to make sure that you are the most successful you can be and nothing is holding you back.

Sophia Schultz '21: The best piece of advice both my grandmother and mom have given to me, even though it may sound cheesy but it's definitely true, is to absolutely authentically be yourself and let other people come to you rather than forcing yourself onto other people. The people that aren't supposed to be in your life will go away, and that’s okay. Just be yourself and not try so hard to be liked by others.

Paige Darling ‘21: My advice is to always be confident in yourself because if you don’t believe in yourself, then who will?

Kaitlyn Joyner ‘21: Some advice I would want to give to girls is to never apologize for focusing on yourself or putting yourself first. Happy Women’s Month!