Welcome to Korea, Simon The story how we have gotten closed for 10 days

Simon comes to Korea

I have a cousin living in Norway. His name is Simon, a biracial Norwegian. I can't remember well the time we met because it was 15 years ago. What I can come up with is just his name and face with photos in an album. Since my uncle has passed away, we don't have any chance to meet each other because of busy days in school.

But one day, my mom got a call from my aunt in Norway. She said Simon wanted to visit Korea in a couple of days. So my mom asked me to introduce Seoul and Gwangju ( the city where I live ) with him. I felt some various emotions after hearing that. I was glad to have him in Korea but a little bit worried about how I can spend time with him together for 10 days. We haven't gotten in touch with each other for 15 years so I couldn't get who he is..!

Before he came to Korea, I tried to chat with him on facebook messenger. I asked him what he is studying and what are his interests. He said that he's interested in traveling, sports, games, having time with friends and so on. And he wanted to see the family in Korea and get to know about Korean culture.

Oh then I don't have to worry! Because those are my favorites too. I'm interested in Korean cultures and have tried to introduce them to my foreign friends before. And I know some nice restaurants in Korea ( Ya I'm a gourmet haha ) and sometimes upload the photos from them in my instagram.

Long time no see!

Finally he came to Korea. Our reunion! Unlike my worries, our conversation went well. We tried to know each other and shared our lives in our country.

In Seoul, I tried to introduce the traditional things in Korea. We visited one of Chosun dinasity palace called Chang deok gung. Since I've visited there with my parents before, I could tell him some stories related to it.

As I said I'm a gourmet, I introduced him my favorite Korean food and restaurants. Luckily, he liked everything I chose :) And at nights, we held some parties in the guest house we stayed or went some pubs and clubs for dancing.

In Gwangju I introduced him the family members and let him know how to take a bow for Kroean holiday, Seollal. (it was holiday seoson.) Also, I teached some Korean language because he just knew a few.

Now he went back to Norway. During his visit to Korea, there were some difficulties with cultural difference or communication in English. But we got so much closed and still getting touch with each other through facebook. Next vacation, I'll visit Norway and he will be my guide! I'm looking forward for my visit to Norway!


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