Target Final Presentation


  • 1902: George Draper Dayton
  • Personal Beliefs: dependable merchandise, fair business practices and generous spirit of giving.
  • 1962: First Target store
  • 1966: Opened first store outside of Minnesota
  • 1979: Earned $1billion in sales
  • 1999: Started online store
  • 2000: Changes name to Target Corporation
  • 2001: 1000th store opens
  • 2005: $5billion in sales

Financial Statement Projections

  • Great growth NI: $1971million to $3363million
  • Projected: Net income decrease to $2777million
  • TA increasing, while TL decreasing.
  • Price to Earnings ratio to increase


  • Competition with Walmart
  • Globalization after R&D is completed
  • Online store upgrade

Continue USA Advancement

  • New store setup
  • Super Target
  • Bad press


  • <1year target bounced back from devastating numbers
  • Working their way up the Fortune 500 list
  • Great R&D team
  • Keeping true to founding principles


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