Mission Trip For a first timer

As the departure date for the trip closes in, preparation work heats up. Check list created with all the necessities ... vaccinations; medicines; repellent; food; etc... Hmmmm anything missing?

Wait! What is this trip?

A mission trip is what I will be embarking shortly. Being a first timer, I do not know what to expect and, frankly, question of why pops up quite a lot. Going through emotional roller coaster ride of excitement, anxiety, and anticipation. What is God's intent for this trip? What is my role? Will I live up to that expectation? Am I prepared? All these questions that leads to the basic question of what is a mission trip?

"Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit". Matthew 28:19

Mission trip, then, based on the scripture is not a vacation or a mere cross-cultural experience or a public service. It is about sharing the Gospel. I maybe handing out reading glasses, helping to build a mud house, or taking photos. Ultimately, it is to join the Lord in the work that He is doing in Rwanda.

Having this clarity on the objectives enables me to think of this trip with a whole new perspective. Partnership, obedience, flexibility and humility Partnership with God in what He is doing in Rwanda. Lay down my own expectation and obedience to whatever the Holy Spirit wants to do. Flexibility and adopt to any situation that comes up. Lastly, humility to submit to the authority and respecting the local culture.

-- Mei Wan (August 2015)

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