Samuel P. Harn Museum of Art By James Sanchez

Medium of Art / Technique of Artist: Cuarteto Habanero By Cundo Bermud├ęz

Seeing this piece of artwork really made me appreciate the artwork more than seeing it online on google. The way the artist made this artwork was very striking. I liked the multiple colors and the instruments he showed in his artwork. I use to play instruments when I was little and it was striking to see instruments. I am also Cuban and it was great to see a Cuban artist in this museum. This artwork made me feel happy and made remind myself of my childhood.

Design of Museum: David A. Cofrin Asian Art Wing

I really found the David A. Cofrin Asian Art Wing really appealing. I liked all the different art in it and loved the outdoor portion of the of the wing. The Asian art was really nice and was really appealing to me. I also think that the wing design was nice and appealing and the use of the space was great. This wing made me feel happy and energetic and I admired all of the art in the wing, especially the outdoor portion.

Art and Core Values: Night Light by Yvonne Jacquette

I think this artist really appealed to my emotions in this artwork. I went to the city with my girlfriend over christmas break and I had a lot of fun. I think this artwork made me feel the emotion of love cause I took my girlfriend to the city for her birthday. It reminded me of spending time with her and made me feel love. I'm also from New York so it made me feel homesick and made me miss home a little. It made me appreciate New York city more and cherish the long distance relationship I have with my girlfriend.

Art and The Good Life: Asian Themed Garden by Hoichi Kurisu

I think this Asian Garden really defines the Good Life in my perspective. I loved the design of the garden and it was a very beautiful design. I think this garden can really relate to "Walden" in the searching for meaning and truth. I feel like this can be consider my Walden. It was such a beautiful day and it made me feel relax and calm while absorbing the beautiful weather and nature around me. It made me really appreciate nature and the good life of nature.

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