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Christine XP is 16 year old Christine Marie Frey, a teenager with anxiety, depression and bipolar disorder, who is dedicated to ending the stigma toward other teenagers with mental challenges by the founding of the “Brain XP” Community – the use of contemporary music, autobiographical book, videos, social media & public speaking that reaches out to teenagers to show them they are not crazy nor alone, but rather – their brains are EXPANDED and they are special. Christine's first book and album, both entitled Brain XP, were available on April 27th, 2018, with April 28th being proclaimed as "Brain XP Day" in her hometown of San Diego, CA by Mayor Kevin Faulconer.

Brain XP The Soundtrack Album

About the Album in Christine's Own Words:

Brain XP is a positive musical representation of my life as I have battled and continue to battle with my mental health struggles. This album goes through my ups and my downs showcasing the true reality that teens with mental disorders face. Each song on Brain XP has a story. I personally wrote all the lyrics for the songs in my room at home without any knowledge that I would one day be able to record them and turn them into the most incredible project I have ever created. I cannot believe what my guitar, a few pads of paper, and a pencil could do for me. Music is my outlet, and the songs on Brain XP express that. Each song on Brain XP has a feeling associated with it. If you are feeling sad, happy, confused, or misplaced, there is something for you on this album. Brain XP was made to help myself, but along the way I realized how much it can help others, especially teens who struggle like I do because of the stigma of mental illness. It sends the message that there really is no such thing as mental illness because truly we are all Brain XP. We are not crazy, and we are not alone. This album invites people into my world, which has had much darkness, but has been balanced out by all the light. For me, coping is the hardest part of living with a mental disorder, but listening to music and creating music makes it much easier. I hope my album inspires you and brings you to a place in life where you are proud to call yourself Brain XP.

Brain XP: Living with Mental Illness A Young Teenager's Perspective (the book)

Brain XP is Christine's journey through self-harm, visual and auditory hallucinations, running away, hospitalization, and her forced removal from school. The subsequent experiences and Christine’s diagnoses of depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder led her to seek out material written by other youth who’d gone through similar experiences; the absence of that material prompted her to create the Brain XP Community and write this book and the corresponding soundtrack. Each song in the Brain XP Soundtrack is original and written by Christine, based on each corresponding chapter in her book. Her goal is to provide hope to other youth battling mental illnesses and everyday teenage struggles, letting them know that they are not alone, they are not crazy, but rather their minds are special - they can think in ways other cannot. Their BRAINS are EXPANDED - they are BRAIN XP!

"Some people were born to inspire others. Some people have the inate ability to draw people to them, to make people listen, and to make people want to connect. Christine has all of this in spades, and to be as grounded and as talented as she is is a blessing. She has a powerful story of not only enduring mental illness, but of overcoming it and ultimately redefining it for her generation, in the process creating a community that will impact untold numbers of people in the months and years to come. While I’m excited for the world to read this chronicle of her life’s journey so far, I’m even more excited to see where the launch of Brain XP takes her from here."

Billy Dorsey

Grammy, Dove, & Stellar Award-Winning Music Producer

Why should Christine be invited to come share her story, music, and message with your students?

• Because 1 in 4 of all middle and high school students have a mental health challenge.

• Because 1,000,000 young people attempt suicide every year.

• Because mental health challenges lead to poor school performance, school dropout, strained family relationships, involvement with the child welfare or juvenile justice systems, substance abuse, and engaging in risky sexual behaviors.

How can Christine & Brain XP Help?

There is little or no information in the current market that speaks to teenagers from a teenager's perspective who lives with the challenges each day. Brain XP is the 1st Book that offers a real life teenager's perspective who lives with anxiety, depression and bipolar disorder on how to help other teenagers in similar circumstances. Brain XP Education offers hands-on practices to immediately improve lives of teenagers facing mental challenges or simply struggling with being a teen:

1. Live Presentations - Christine XP will share her story and music to show teens how to help themselves and most importantly help each other.

2. "Christine's Frequency" - Christine XP's Blog speaks directly to teenagers and offers information on specific mental challenges teenager struggle with at school or home - difficulty in making friends, unable to pay attention in class, etc.

3. "www.brainxpproject.com" offers information for those teenager's parents and helpful resources to connect locally.

4. Brain XP - The Book is Christine XP's autobiographical journey of her real life situations and coping strategies of living with a mental challenge that will relate to multiple teenagers going through similar difficulties.

5. Brain XP - The Soundtrack - Christine XP writes lyrics that relate to teenagers. Her songs are a positive understanding and coping mechanism for other teenagers to share. Music is also the #1 coping mechanism for most teenagers.

6. Videos - Christine XP also creates videos for teenagers who relate better to visual content than the written word.

7. Social Media - Christine XP's Brain XP social media outlets offers motivational messages specifically geared to teenagers to encourage positive self empowerment.

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