Third Grade Loving learning

Thanksgiving break was a joy, but it’s amazing being back together, learning and working once again. This week’s news is in photos packed with lots of questions to ask your third grader at the end.

STEM fun!
Reading our fortune cookie fortunes after visiting second grade’s multicultural presentation.
Our Librarians checking the meaning of the word region.
Building closed arrays as a base for discovering open arrays.

Questions to as your third grader

  • What is an open array? Can you show me an example?
  • What did you learn about during second grade’s presentation?
  • How did second grade surprise you?
  • What character have you been working with and writing a paragraph about? What traits would you say that character has?
  • What was one cause/effect from the social studies book, A River Ran Wild, you read?
  • Who is Bishop Robert McElroy? What do you know about him?
  • Show me your advent calendar you created today!

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