Charles Moore "Had the Southern gift of gab"

African-Americans taunt a white police officer during the Civil Rights demonstration - 1963 (Birmingham)

Where did the artist come from/Time period?

Moore came from Hackleburg, Alabama born March 9, 1931. He had traveled to the South, Vietnam, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, and Haiti. He later died on March 11, 2010 in Palm Beach, Florida.
Black College Student Dorothy Bell (19) waits for service that never came. She was arrested with 20 others in sit-in attempts. April 4, 1963 (Birmingham)

A moment that was significant in their life ?

Well Moore had started his Civil Rights Movement when he was at the station where Martin Luther King Jr. was being arrested. When that picture came out his photograph career basically started from there. That changed his life. He fought against discrimination with Jim Crow by taking pictures.
Martin Luther King Jr. arrested while trying to attend a hearing for Civil Rights hearing from Ralph Abernathy, he was only released because his identity was later learned. Montgomery, Alabama (1958)

What the meaning of their work is.

Moore's work to fight against Jim Crow's discrimination but he also took photographs without knowing what his work was doing. His work what the Civil Rights Movement was and what unfolded in his back-yard. He had showed the injusticed the African-Americans had to go through.
Policemen using police dogs during Civil Rights Movement - (Birmingham) - 1963

His art.

Now Moore was in the military, he was in the military. He had stated that he would rather fight with his camera. "I don't wanna fight with my fist, i wanna fight with my camera." . The way he was protesting was by his art. Moore knew where to be at the right moment. His photographs were often credited more in 1964 because of the Civil Right Movements, but he also this nature later on. In the 1960's and 1950's his work had a of impact. Moore had said that "My camera is my tool and i would rather have that be my weapon than my fist any day", this is how he wanted his voice to be heard.
Firemen hose African-Americans with high pressure. (Birmingham, Alabama) 1963

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