Sealed Flash Fiction By S a Kennedy

Inside her car the heater roared and the tape in the cassette player strained to be heard. She was never certain which song had been playing, possibly Terrence Trent Darby's, Sign You Name. It was hard to separate what she remembered from what she had imagined.

Pitch black trees, branches laden with snow, bore witness to their escape and smoky cottages, decorated with golden porch flights, flashed the crawling vehicle along. The ice-clad air seeped through the bodywork to mingle with his aftershave and her perfume.

It was warm enough to turn the fan heater down by the time they reached Shawclough Road.

Her lipgloss freshly applied before they left the party dried.

A windscreen wiper occasionally scraped, leaving a smear on the glass.

Though the conversation was lost to her, she was able to recall the precise moment she changed gear as the car struggled on the thickening river of snow. Her fingers brushed his outstretched leg and the musky chant of his voice overlaid the music and whoosh of wheels.

She had known they would be lovers.

With his love she would be bold and sing Wild Thing at karaoke nights. He would introduce her to gin o'clock and chopsticks. One afternoon in a pub foyer he led her in a slow dance.

In the early hours of the morning she remembered their conversations. His legs wrapped in hers, her head resting on his chest. When she attempted sleep she saw his wristwatch and downy arms. She felt the thickness of his rugby shirt, the weight of his body and the suspension of time as snowflakes fell.

All the heartbreak, loneliness and tears were a price worth paying for that one kiss alone.


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