Happy Burger By: juan campos. April 13 2017

Scott is a teen who want to go a homecoming dance with her dream girl who's name is Stacy But, he had a problem with money. did not have enough money to buy tickets, rent a tux and to take a dinner. So her father Mr. Wheeler help Scott finding a job at the newspaper.Scott find a job call Happy Burger where he meet new people and learn to cook. At the job, there was a girl name Carol who was her helper and Mr. Jennings who teach new workers to cook.

Quote from the book

"Dad was funny. You Couldn't just come right out and ask hi for money you had to sneak in into the conversation. that night at dinner, I was ready fir my sneak attack".

A review of the book

What do like from the book? I like how jobs can help you on problems with money

What you didn't like about the book? I did not like the end of the book because is was confused it did not explain what did characters end up.

Would I recommended this book to others? Yes, because can teach how to prepare in future job or chall

How many stars would you give the book? I will calcify this book as 4.

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