DTC #24: Party at Marissa's It's Saturday night, no parents in sight, and your crush is gonna be at the party. Let's go!





Wine down on the datiest of patios, small plates and rose all day.

Hurry up for the backyard comedy bash you never knew existed but always needed.

Get down with some dirty dancing at the local watering hole.

Coined by an A list comedian as the “worst idea for a show ever” the Brew Haha has been giving belly laughs since 2013 in the same place: Marissa’s back yard.
Stop 1

perfect lighting, perfect patio, perfect glass of wine.

• 4:30pm to 6:00pm •

Walking up to Melody you’ll be shocked you hadn’t been here before asking yourself “How did I miss this?” The neighborhood is in the midst of morphing into a weekend “must go to” area with Melody stepping up as the de-facto dinner spot. It’s early so you’ll not only have the best service in town but also get to know the married owners whose knowledge in wine matches their great taste in music. Share a bottle and a few small plates while sucking down oysters with your friends. As the sun creeps to the horizon you’ll laugh and enjoy everything about this place. Be careful though, you don’t want to be late for your next destination.

Stop 2

The backyard comedy show drinking game of your dreams

• 6:10pm til the after party •

WARNING: The BREW HAHA has moved to a new location down the street. It is now being held at 708 Parkman Ave. A quick Lyft/Uber ride away. Enjoy!

A Newsletter Note: Pack a bag with a bottle of wine or 6 pack of beer before you leave for Melody. The line at the Brew Haha will take over an hour and having a few drinks will turn a boring line into a solid hang. If you forget there's plenty of liquor stores along the way to wet your whistle.

The few blocks stroll to the Brew Haha leads you past the neighborhood barbershops, liquor stores and taco joints of old. The crowd has already begun to collect but you’re early enough to guarantee a spot where you want to be, the back yard. When the call comes to head in you’ll be more than ready for some jokes. Choosing your location wisely make sure you have easy access to the bar and the bathroom. As the comedians take the stage join in on the game or don’t either way you’ll laugh your ass off throughout the night. The curtain will be drawn marking the time to either stick around for a classic backyard bash or jet out for the bar scene. Either way you’ll be bumping into a few comedians along the way.

Stop 3

time to get funky

• Post Comedy Show •

📷: @thevirgilbar

It’s been a long evening at this point but if you’re a hero the bar will be calling your name. The Virgil is a Prohibition style dive delivering all the goods you need after partaking in a “secret” back yard comedy show drinking game. Circling to the bar grabbing a round before making your way into the b side lounge to stomp on the dance floor. Get loose, get funky…make some comedy of your own. When you’ve rocked out, made some new friends and squeezed the last joy out of that evening you’ll know you’ve changed the narrative from “How did I miss this?” to “How could you miss this?”


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