Avocado Green The category continues to grow, despite high prices.

Avocado sales dollars are up nearly 20% this year.

Will these numbers continue?

Few categories in the produce department inspire as much discussion as avocados.

Beloved by pop culture, derided by the media, they have become the symbol of an entire generation’s eating habits.

Let’s take a look at the numbers behind the category.

According to Fresh Trends 2017

of American consumers bought an avocado in the past 12 months

What's more, they were the


fruit or vegetable people are buying now that they were not buying previously.

There's no denying avocado demand continues to rise, but a tight market over the past year and a half has many wondering...

is there a breaking point when it comes to price?

A Bloomberg article from mid-September suggests an almost exact inverse correlation between price and units sold, at -0.91 – meaning units sold drops at the same rate prices go up.

is it really that tidy?

The Irvine, Calif.-based Hass Avocado Board reports avocado volumes continue to break records, especially for holiday eating occasions like Cinco de Mayo, Fourth of July and that big football game in early February.

Cinco de Mayo 2017 was a particular highlight. The board says consumers were “undeterred” by high prices with volume growing 1% despite prices up an average of 34% over 2016’s numbers.

June saw a dip in units sold with record-high prices.


The three-year rolling index continues to show sales exceeding the long-term rate

...by more than 20%

When you look at the average retail price of avocados against units sold, it’s not surprising to see dips in sales when prices go up, but the fact remains that

2.2 billion pounds of avocados hit the market in 2016

compared to only 950 million pounds in 2006

Avocado ads are down in 2017, in a big way.

Stores on ad increased 1.65% from 2012 to 2017, from an average of 6,897 per week to 7,011 per week.

Average ad price was unchanged, at $1.11 each.

USDA Retail Report
USDA Retail Report

But in 2017, to date:

Average of 4,611 stores per week had avocados on ad.

down 34% from the previous year

USDA Retail Report

Average ad price was $1.33 per pound, up 20%.

The Avocado Green lining?

Grower-shippers say supplies are evening out, and avocados from Jalisco are awaiting final approval for importation into the U.S.

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