gender differences by Elaine greene 7th hour

There are many different genders in the world such as boys and girls. In the past, women stayed at home while the men worked else where. Now, women can work outside of the home but they get less pay than men. Men were the ones who worked and provided for the family. Some of the themes of Things Fall Apart is gender differences, religion, and traditions and customs.

Genders used to forced into two labels but now there is lots of labels for different genders.

traits that boys and girls have most of the time
difference of gender when packing
radom differences
thing boys and girls do before bed
emotional traits of girls and boys
In the brain
at the work place
the brain

In world war one women were not allowed to fight. Another one is religion.

Religion is the belief of a being or beings that govern the world that is not human.

different types of religion
words that go with religion
amount of people for each religion
the top three religions
more religions

At last but not lest, traditions and customs

day of the dead
bride and groom cutting wedding cake
bride wearing white

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