Tropical Rain forest Plants Lexi, Anicia, Candace


The flower like plant grows mainly on ground some species of the plant grows on branches. They contain a space in the leaves called a "tamk" for a pool of water that can range from a pint to 12 gallons of water. The tank provides for the ecosystem supporting bacteria, protozoa, tiny crustaceans, mosquito and dragonfly larvae, birds, salamanders and frogs.


Though there are over 20,000 types of Orchids they are mainly located in the tropical rain forest. Orchids are often considered epiphytes which grow non-parasitically on trees. They are commonly used for pollination. The colors are used to attract insects and the three pedals act as a landing pad for them.

Drip Tips

Drip Tips are leaves with pointed tips for water to run off preventing algae growth. If algae was able to grow it would block sunlight meaning the plants wouldn't be able to photosynthesize as well. The tips are usually aimed at the roots for extra water to grow when the water falls off the leaf.

Jambu Fruit Tree

The Jambu Fruit ranges in color. They can be pink, green, crimson, and white. They grow as a shrub which can reach 6 meters tall. Many animals rely on this plant as food. The plant grows best in a wet, warm climate but can adapt to cold weather as low was -3.89 degrees Celsius.


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