Shawn Gage Genius Hour

Blog Post 1

After spending about $988 on a decent computer that I have been eyeballing for the last year or so, for my Genius Hour project, I have decided to edit videos using Sony Vegas as my passion of choice. About this same time last year, I narrowed it down to two options; making YouTube videos or making video edits. I went with YouTube but also found a love for using Movie Maker (another video editing program) and now want to look beyond that. Movie Maker is a very basic and simple editing program that gets boring after a while. Sony Vegas on the other hand, is much more complex but can also do so much more. My goal is to learn ways to incorporate Sony Vegas into future videos for YouTube, in hopes that it will help my channel be noticed throughout the world. For my final project, I plan to put clips of Call of Duty or Destiny game play together and make a montage. Along with the goal of the montage, I hope to master Sony Vegas in the next couple of months. This is my final project for Genius Hour but only a stepping stone to my ending goal.

Blog Post 2

So far, I’d say my project is running pretty smoothly. This past Saturday, my new computer came in and since then I’ve been scrambling trying to get the best clips possible. Along with sorting through each and every clip, I pulled a few strings and managed to get links to Sony Vegas Pro 14 (editing software), and OBS (recording software). Due to the fact that the PC was delivered only Saturday and I just finished getting a hold of the editing program I need to make my edit, not a lot of progress has been made as a whole. However, I have been watching one YouTuber in particular who goes by the name of “Tom J. McCoy” who has uploaded around 10 videos teaching how to do some interesting things in Sony Vegas. Another good YouTuber I’ve been keeping up with is a guy whose channel name is “Muaaz”. This channel goes over the basics of everything I’d ever be using, such as Photoshop, Sony Vegas Pro, and even the best way to grow on YouTube. By the end of next week, I’m hoping to have figured out how many and which specific clips I want to use for the edit, selected some kind of music to go in the background, and if I’m really on my game, be nearly halfway through with the video.

Blog Post 3

This week I surprisingly pulled myself together and started editing my montage. So far, I have created my intro, outro, and even have my clips picked out and edited the music for it. The only thing I need to finish up is coming up with an order to put each clip and cinematic in that best match the music put behind it. I think I may try editing all the clips together without the music and then work around that in the best way I possibly can. Once I finish getting everything in order then the clips must actually be edited with effects such as black and white grades, twitch effect, muffle effect, screen bumps, and ripple effects. I haven't tried to make any of these effects in Sony Vegas yet and I'm a little nervous to even attempt any of them. However, I'm very excited to continue playing around with Sony Vegas and I've gotten pretty comfortable with using the program and the basics of it. I don't think I would have made it this far if I hadn't found the YouTube channels that I have been following tutorials from. Not only have the YouTube channels helped but, a friend of mine has been there just in case I needed any help with something and is also the reason I even found the link for Sony Vegas and OBS. I just pray that this montage will turn out amazing and become something to I'm proud of and wouldn't mind posting on YouTube to share with the rest of the world.

Blog Post 4

This week I have made quite a bit of progress (definitely more than I had expected). I have the first 60% of my video edited and feel pretty confident about my final product. I now know how to do screen flashes and bumps, cinematics, as well as the twitch effect in Sony Vegas. I used a channel called "Tom J. McCoy" to help learn how to make these effects. It wasn't too complicated to follow along, but there were still a few moments where I had to find some things on my own since the tutorial video was using an older version of Sony Vegas. The only thing I still need to add in the video is smooth transitions using velocity, ripple effects, and muffle effects on some of the audio. The final edit should be just barely over two minutes and, hopefully, should include all of the previously listed effects in it. Once I present it for Genius Hour, I plan on uploading it to YouTube in the hopes of having everyone around the world see it. I plan on looking beyond this one edit and hopefully can end up making edit after edit so I can one day master every skill possible in Sony Vegas. After I have mastered Sony Vegas, I want to learn anything and everything I can about using Adobe Photoshop. I want to learn Photoshop so I can use those skills to help make thumbnails for videos on YouTube. I also plan on getting a feel for OBS.

Blog post 5

I'm done! Everything is actually done and on time! This past weekend I finished my edit and just need to type up my final reflection. I have no clue as to how I had enough clips to work with that would line up the most with the song chosen for the edit, but I did it! I feel so relieved and worry free and honestly I haven't had that for the last few weeks with this final product sitting in the back of my head every time I try to relax. I will say, however, that I think I could still do better than what I finalized, but the video still shows that I learned skills and applied them using Sony Vegas. I think the only downside from the final product was when I went to render the video to post it on YouTube, didn't render out properly. The quick flashes that were supposed to happen in two places throughout the video ended up being slow flashes instead. Although, the video as a whole turned out wonderfully for a first time using the program. My next task is to continue using Sony Vegas over the summer and hopefully be moved on to mastering Photoshop by the end of summer as well. From now until I give up, I plan to continue using Sony Vegas, Photoshop, and OBS to grow on YouTube and hopefully be successful on the website. Of course I can’t promise anything, but I can still try my best.

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