Preston-Patterson Insurance Professionals COntent strategy

The following pages outline the approach we will take to posting on your social media pages. It documents the main objectives associated with each platform as well as the tone we will use when speaking as your brand.

Primary Posts

Your primary posts will establish Preston-Patterson Co. as an experts in the social media insurance industry. These posts will include external links to articles, blogs and other engaging content in regards to lawsuits, settlements and general social media missteps that agencies and businesses have made in the past, or in current events.

Secondary Posts

Your secondary posts will be formatted in a way that will drive people back to your website. We will highlight different aspects of your website and include links in all posts. You have pages on your website that will provide your fans and followers with valuable information about your business and the reasons they should work with you. Providing them with the information they need to make a decision will move them. one step closer to becoming a client of yours.

Specialty Posts

As the social media industry changes, and Facebook’s algorithm prioritizes specific kinds of content, we like to keep an open mind to new opportunities in terms of content type. This means we leave room for videos, GIFs, animations or other interesting and new ways we can deliver content for you.

Influencers on Twitter

Building a following on Twitter takes time, but incorporating the handles of influencers within your industry into your tweets will allow for a greater overall reach. Influencers on Twitter will help your tweets reach timelines of non-followers and put your brand and information in front of them.


The tone we must adopt for your social media outreach will be that of a decision-maker. We’ll want to come from a place of knowledge and professionalism, but we also need to be honest and relatable to those people who will inevitably be making the decision to choose you over their current agent.

User-Generated Content

This type of content is great for providing your fans and followers with useful and informative articles and blogs they can gather information from. User-generated content is an easy way to utilize the information other people have published on the internet that directly relates to your business.

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