Tech Tip Thursday January 5, 2017

Google Forms is definitely my favorite part of Google Drive. It is the answer to so many problems!

Did you know that you can now grade a quiz created on Google Forms WITHOUT using the Flubaroo Add-on?!

Here's how to do it:

Open Google Drive

To access your Google Drive, go to and log in.

Or, you can always go to and click the 3x3 grid in the top right hand corner of your screen. Then, select Drive.

Create a new Form.

You can create a new form to use as a quiz, or you can use an old form that you have already created! Just be sure to open it using the new Google Forms format.

To create a new Form, click the blue New button and select Google Forms.

Click the Settings menu.

The Settings menu is the cog in the top right hand corner of the screen.

Select the tab for Quizzes. Be sure to slide the circle over to the right of Make this a quiz. Select your options for the quiz and click Save.

Set up the answer key.

Click on the first question that you would like to grade. You'll notice that there is now an Answer Key link at the bottom of the question. Click it.

Select the correct answer and assign a point value for the question. You will also have the option of giving feedback for correct and incorrect answers, but this is optional.

Complete this process for each question on the quiz.

Give the assessment to students.

Google Forms can be shared through a link or through email. Share the form with students and have them answer the quiz.

As the students submit the quiz, the number of responses will automatically update on your form.

View the results.

Once the students have submitted the quiz, click the Responses tab on your form. It will default to the Summary view.

This will show you a summary of all of the answers submitted for each question! I love the graphs for a quick visual of how students did on each question!

If you would like to see a specific student's answers, click the Individual tab. This will allow you to view each submission individually. You can even print the individual quizzes!


If you miss the spreadsheet printout from Flubaroo, the score for each submission will still show on the correlated spreadsheet, too! Just click the Sheet icon on the Responses tab to view the submission in a spreadsheet format!

Spreadsheet version:

Need more information?

Laura Sprinkle - Digital Learning Specialist


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