Principals Report to the Board of Trustees February, 2018

Roll Information

59x New Enrolments (1x Y8, 11x Y7, 3x Y6, 6x Y5, 5x Y4, 2x Y3, 4x Y2, 27x Y1)

Y1 = 70

Y2 = 68

Y3 = 66

U4 = 68

Y5 = 80

Y6 = 60

Y7 = 82

Y8 = 62

TOTAL 556 Students

2019 Staff

We are currently fully staffed, with cover for one teacher coming over from South Africa. All cover for staff that are absent is being managed in-house or by our regular relievers. Once staff on extended sick leave have been away for 8 days, the MOE pick up the cost of this in funds that come back through additional grants. Staff absence appears high as a cost on our books as the money comes back into a different ledger.

We have once again overstaffed the school and it has been fortunate that we did, with the number of teachers on extended leave. We have a couple of our staff who have indicated that they may be leaving us during the year and we are better equipped to maintain stability for our student, due to the way our school is set up.

Our Office Staff

1. Curriculum

1.1 Our staff all attended a professional learning conference on the 23rd January, which was held here. The conference was designed so that speakers inspired the teaching staff in our CoL and gave everyone a glimpse of what could be possible for education if people designing and delivering the curriculum could take the blinkers off.

1.2 Our lead teachers of Literacy and Numeracy are currently working on the annual targets and plans to raise student achievement. These get added to our Annual Plan and are used to measure our performance. I will add the link as they come to me.

We also have a literacy report from Kirsten Meleisea.

1.3 We are working on our application for the Apple Distinguished School and it is turning out to be quite a good tool for self review with the questions that they ask in the template. It is helping to clarify our thinking about visions and goals and resourcing infrastructure going forward. We will share it once it is completed.

1.4 On the 6th of March, we are having visitors from Apple show our school to other members of their organisation. We have been selected as one of two New Zealand schools for them to visit.

1.5 On the 21st March, the MOE have asked us to host a Learning Environments New Zealand evening event. We have been asked to speak about our learning environment, the design process, how it supports the teaching and learning and what is working well, or not. The LENZ organisation brings in speakers from all over the world an is affiliated with similar groups in many different countries.

1.6 A report from the Kiwi Hapori.

2. Documentation and Self Review

2.1 I sent out an email to get some ideas of projects or areas to focus on for our strategic plan and the draft beginning of the plan. I would like to spend 20 minutes or so, brainstorming some of the things we would like to do over the coming years, so that I can move this along.

2.2 Falling out of our Strategic Plan is our Annual Plan that is submitted to the MOE annually. I have commenced work on this, as much as I can as it is due to be submitted in March.

2.3 Our ESOL funding application has gone in to the MOE with well over 100 students being eligible. We have increased our teacher aide staffing in this area, so make sure we are adequately covering the language development for those students. Mrs Bull will continue to run cultural days and Linguist Club once she is back.

2.4 Our March 1st Census is looming and we will ensure the paperwork gets in before the cut off.

2.5 There are significant changes proposed for the Tomorrow's Schools model and the Government is currently undertaking consultation throughout New Zealand. There are a number of venues and dates available, but we have an opportunity to attend one as Board members. Please pre-register if you are interested in attending.

South Auckland – 20 March from 1pm – 3pm – Papatoetoe High School, 19 Nicholson Avenue, South Auckland, Auckland 2025: https://www.eventbrite.co.nz/e/south-auckland-tomorrows-schools-review-consultation-meetings-tickets-56765814078

2.6 We have two policies to review this term, so please log onto Schooldocs and have a look at these at some stage.

3. Personnel.

3.1 We have talked about the high number of our staff who are off on leave currently and how we are covering these positions. We are fortunate to have had an indication from Kate Watson, that she is willing to return to us mid year, so we have a bit of a back up plan.

3.2 We currently have a large number of beginning teachers at our school. We have 4 who are first year teachers and 2 who are second year teachers. Each of these have a tutor teacher to work along side them. Two of our first year teachers are also overseas trained, which means an additional learning curve for them as they get to know the New Zealand Curriculum.

3.3 Yolande Mathlay has been accepted to undertake a partially MOE funded qualification in second language teaching (TESSOL). This will provide back up for Mrs Bull in the future and allow for contingency planning.

3.4 Michelle Cornwall, who has worked with us for several years as a teacher aide, has been accepted into distance learning to complete her Bachelor of Education. She will be placed at our school doing her teacher training.

3.5 We are currently employing Maria Walsh and Dharia Bearda, two ex-students who are in their final years of the Bachelor of Education. They are working with us as teacher aides, but we get the benefit of their training as teachers.

3.6 Hugh Wong has now commenced with us and he holds a Masters of Education. He is working as a teacher aide, and will commence his graduate diploma of teaching, through distance learning, in semester two.

3.7 Our in-school CoL positions are held by Sepa Tala'imanu, Carly Kidd and Kirsten Meleisea. These teachers become lead teachers in our school, by attending PD and returning back to share this with us, mentor others and lead inquiries.

3.8 Our staff are once again using Interlead to record their goals, observations and inquiries for teacher appraisals.

3.9 The Principals Appraisal for 2018 was successfully completed in December and a report made available to our Chairperson. We have previously had a 3 year cycle with our Principal's appraiser and 2018 was the third year we have had Mr Tim Armstrong. 2019 will be a year to find a new person.

3.10 There has been notification from the NZEI that there are to be Paid Union meetings rolling across the country. It seems our date is the 18th March and the venue is Hill Park. We will organise cover as best we can, rather than closing the school.

4. Finance and Property

4.1 We managed to time the installation of the shade sails for very close to the beginning of the year and they look really good. Going forward, I think we should plan for a cluster over the slab to provide more coverage.

4.2 The turf and arch over the bag huts should be completed shortly as well.

4.3 I have signed the contract for the shed to be built. We got a discount for contracts signed in the month of February, so that should cover the cost of getting power to this area.

4.4 We are also working on completing the additional units in the Food tech space.

4.5 We have commenced the early stages of our community garden. We have put in an arch and some fencing to define the area. Around May, we will plant a hedge and around August, complete the first planter boxes. The shade house has been completed, apart from the flooring surface, as we wanted to check the impact the MOE drainage project would have before deciding what material to use.

5. Health and Safety

5.1 We have had one broken arm on the playground so far this year.

5.2 We placed glass fencing along the edge of the garden where the mosaic seats were made for the Gala in the Gardens. With students wanting to use this area, we decided it was important to ensure they were safe from falling. Carly Kidd is keen to carry on with this project and extend it out to being a 'lounge' setting.

5.3 We continue to monitor traffic safety and to speak to people who are not using safe practices around our school. Kate is in the process of putting together a video of our worst drivers, which we will put out on the App.

6. Legislation

6.1 I have mentioned the proposed changes to Tomorrows Schools and there was quite a bit about it in the NZSTA newsletter.

6.2 We have stood a student down for 3 days as a result of an unprovoked attack on another students. We will apply for Interim Response Fund to try and support this student. This is not his first stand-down.

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