Can't Be Trusted By The Interrupters

The Interrupters

2014 | Punk

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“There's no judge, no jury. -- Patriot act took the liberty. -- Tapping out phones working down outdoor. -- Waiting on the people of the civil war."


  • The band shared the stage with bands like Rancid, The Transplants, Devil's Brigade, and Left Alone starting out.
  • Aimee Allen met the Bivona brothers in 2009 when their band was opening forThe Dirty Heads & Sugar Ray.


Luke Tatum

Suggested alternate title: The Alphabet Agencies Song. The point is short and sweet: You can't trust those guys. The entire state apparatus is chock-full of people who orbit the twisted star at the center of the political universe: Washington, D.C. Most of the highest income counties in the country fan out from D.C. Liars from these agencies give showy speeches to the public, then return to their day job of making the general population worse off. Can you trust them? Hell no. Can you have a good jam to this song? Hell yes.

Sherry Voluntary

Boy does this one hit the nail on the head! People cannot trust The State or any of it’s agents. Their motivations are not ones of benevolence that put your best interests at heart, but rather to exert the false authority given to them by an illegitimate power that seeks to constrain and restrain you from acting in your own best interest.

Nicky P

I've really gotten a chance to appreciate these guys over the course of this project. I tend to be skeptical of any modern punk band when they spit their philosophy. They talk a big game but when the rubber meets the road, they want nice democratic leaders not freedom. It's fine if slavery is ok for you but wipe all those anarchy flags off your shit if your pan requires any kind of government. Socialism and communism all require this at some point. By it's very nature it's not voluntary, which is my baseline for any interaction. To the specifics of this song though. By default the whims of any political organization are at odds with your own and must be questioned at the very least. Personally I think any collective of people who purport to know what's best for me and demand I act accordingly can't be trusted. The lyrics in this one are daed on.

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Nicky P