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Poetry is something which anybody can do. Poetry is a great way to express feelings. I have written some poems myself

The blue moon


I wait for her, she doesn’t show up

A few months later she chooses to bother

She lies in wait, So I see her come

But then she gives up

I give in and I try to kiss her

Before I could do that, she floated away

Oh lady dressed in blue, return from your solitary home

Don’t break my heart

Years later she returns

From her lonely place of residence

What did you do there?

I thought about you.



When I come into your life,I am an accident probably waiting to happen.

When I come you’re happy

When I go you cry

Sometimes I cheat you

I burn you as I fade away,like the ashes from a fire

If I’m gone,You regret it.

Who am I?

I am love.

The Powerful Building


I go on forever

I tower above all

I even go higher

Than the moon and the sun

Billions and trillions envy me

I hold millions of residents in myself



Alice’s apple farm sells excellent produce

Claire has a cat that loves cranberry juice

Merida loves mangoes in May

I love reading this to you!

The Goat And The Sea


There was a goat

Who sailed a boat

He would wish

For some fish

So he sang a high note!


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