#Buddhatweets By: McKenna Picard

@YourQueenMaya - King Sudhodana and I are proud to say a new prince of the Shakya people was born today! His name is Prince Siddhartha! I have had premonitions of great happenings, I was filled with great light in my womb from a radiant white elephant that descended from the sky! Rejoice! #newprinceinthrone#PrinceSiddhartha 🍼🤰🏽👶🏽

@OfficialKingSudhodana - More news on the new bundle of joy born into the kingdom! We have given him the name Prince Siddhartha which means "the one who brings all good". We found this name to be very suitable! He was born in Vaisakha inside a lush, beautiful garden! #PrinceSiddharthaisborn#babyboy 🌿🌺🇮🇳

@HolySageAsita - Very glad to be part of the visitors that was blessed by Prince Siddhartha's presence! He will lead others to peace and will either be a great king or a great saint! Thank you @YourQueenMaya and @OfficialKingSudhodana #blessed#greatthingstocome 🔮📿

@OfficialKingSudhodana - I have heard my son will either be a great saint or a great king? He will be a great king! #teamgreatking#KingSiddartha#powerinthrone 💎👑🤴🏽

@TheShakyaKingdom - We are very sad to say that @YourQueenMaya is very ill. Seven days after the birth of our new prince she has become bed stricken. #prayformaya#getbetter 🤒💉💊

@TheShakyaKingdom - It is a dark day in the kingdom today. We are sad to say, with a heavy heart, that Queen Maya has passed away today. She will be missed dearly. #RIPQueenMaya#prayforthekingdom 👸🏽💐⚰️

@Prajapati - While this kingdom is grieving, there needs to be someone to look after and care for our little prince. Thanks to my sister, she gave me the rights to do so. #takingcareofSiddartha#restinpeacesister#babyinthrone 😪👶🏽👑

@OfficialKingSudhodana - I have made sure that my son has gotten the best education, and he has shown magnificent improvement! #education#important#princegrowingup 👦🏽📚✏️

@OfficialKingSudhodana - I find my son too gentle in his ways, he needs to become tougher for when he takes over the throne! #kinginprogress#gettough 🤴🏽💪🏽

@OneandOnlyKingSuprabuddha - @YourPrinceSiddhartha thinks he can marry my daughter! Not without a challenge he won't! #goodluck#fightformarriage 🏹💪🏽👰🏽

@YourPrinceSiddhartha - So glad to be marrying the love of my life @PrincessYasodhara 💜 What an honor to win the contest for this beauty! It was not only my skill and bravery but my gentleness! 😌 #newlyweds#mylove 💍👰🏽🤵🏽

@buddha (Old: @YouPrinceSiddhartha) - i have seen the troubles of all people. i have left my life to a life of enlightenment. i will stay this way until i find an end to suffering. thank you. #ontheroadtoenlightenment#endtosuffering#buddhism#pray 🙏🏽🌿


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