Welcome to Nursery Autumn Term 1

Let me entertain you !!! The children have great fun dressing up, singing, playing instruments and dancing on the stage.

Learning about the season 'Autumn.' We read the book 'We're Going on a Leaf Hunt.' The children went on a their own leaf hunt, searching for the different coloured Autumn leaves.

Children explored the Autumn investigation tuff tray. This encouraged language and communication.

Threading the leaves onto string to encourage fine motor skills.

Small world activities such as the builders yard, cars and garages, dinosaurs and farm yards, is an important aspect of children’s play, aiding many areas of development. Imaginative skills are supported allowing the child to express thoughts and experiences into their play, whilst exploring the world in which they live.

The children have been talking about families. We shared the story 'Owl Babies.' The children joined in with the repeated refrain "I want my mummy."

The children used different media such as paints and collage materials to represent the owls from the story 'Owl Babies.'

Funky Fingers. The music goes on and everyone is working at the same time. You will be amazed how tiring working with dough, scribbling, tweezers and pompoms can be! Funky fingers encourages the development of fine motor and language skills that are essential for hand writing.

The children love to dress up. Dressing up play is serious business and it teaches the children many skills they will use for years to come.

When children engage in dressing-up play, their imaginations come alive. There is no limit to who, where, or what they can be. Encourage children to do this and they get to have fun at the same time!

Children develop fine motor skills by putting on dress-up clothes. For example they may need to button up a shirt or a sleeve, tie a bow or a knot, or learn to fix a pirate’s bandana. There are lots of opportunities to practise these skills when children are dressing up and they won’t even notice.

Another important part of dress-up play is that children can learn about skills for different careers and jobs. They can literally put themselves in the shoes of their heroes and role models. This then encourages them to explore what they would do and how they would behave if they were a builder, nurse, fire fighter, beautician or even a racing driver.

Dressing-up play is such a great way to encourage teamwork and an interest in others. Children learn to communicate and negotiate problems with each other and share. For example; “All of us can be firefighters, if we have enough hats.”

There are many fun, exciting and engaging activities set out both in the indoor and outdoor environment to support learning in all areas of the Early Years Curriculum framework. These activities will allow all children to explore, discover, experiment, investigate and communicate in different ways.