Erased A Film By Zachary Freeman and Karla Balcaceres

What we were given:

We were given four Requirements for the film: A Cowboy hat, The colour blue, an elevator, and the line, “You have been erased.”


Karla Balcacares: Director, Writer, Storyboard

Zachary Freeman: Cinematographer, Editor

Our Idea

  • The idea we have for our film revolves around children having imaginary characters. in our story, there is an entity responsible for creating these characters for children, similar to the sandman, who is supposed to be the creator of dreams.
  • However, once these children grow up and no longer need their imaginary friends, the “spirit” character is released back to the entity and is supposed to be remodelled into another character for another child.
  • The protagonist of our film is one of these imaginary characters, who has just been outgrown by his child, but doesn’t want to leave them. the story follows this character as he flees from the entity that is trying to change his identity.
  • We wanted to embody the entity character as floating hands and a disembodied voice, which simply poke at the protagonist, trying to mold him into something else.
  • We thought that this premise would work best as an animation, but as this is a live action project, we wanted opinions on how this could be done and if there is any way we could make it resemble an animation type film.
  • The line “you have been erased” could work well in a scene where the character wakes up in some plane of existence and not with his child. and the only thing there to provide explanation is the entity. so the character asks him where he is and the entity tells him he has been erased from his child’s line. it could be a good opening scene
  • The cowboy hat can be included as the new character the entity is trying to mold the protagonist into. for example, the entity tries to force the hat onto the character who tries to resist.
  • The elevator could come into play as a part of the character trying to get away. alternatively, we had an idea for the elevator being a sort of bridge between the child’s world and the entity’s world, with the character trying to take the elevator back down to his child, while the entity’s hands push the elevator up.


We were partly inspired by the short film Coda, directed by Alan Holly. The description under the film on states that it is about "A lost soul stumbles drunken through the city. In a park, Death finds him and shows him many things."

We were also inspired by the classic surrealist Looney Tunes cartoon short entitled "Duck Amuck" in which the cartoon consistantly breaks the forth wall, and the animator is a character, consistantly changing Daffy Duck's appearence and storyline.


  • We want our film to have a pastel colour palette simular to the 2001 film Amelie, due to its amazing ability to enhance a whimsical story, simular to this one. This colour palette mostly consists of pastel green and orangey red tones.
  • We want the cinematography to be based off of the surrelist cinematograpy of the early 1900s by utilizing canted shots, low angle and high angle shots and munipulating shadows.


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