Feudal Japan's Daimyo

In feudal Japan(feudal meaning political and social systems in which lords gave land to vassals in exchange for services and loyalty)existed lords who controlled land and armies. These people were called Daimyos. There were three types of Daimyo Shinpan, Fudai, and Tozama in order of importance.

This is a picture of a Daimyo.

Daimyo rose to power in the early 1100's and stayed like that until 1192 when shoguns came to power. Daimyos had several wars with each other for land control. This was until the first shogun came and ended the wars. Daimyo still control land and armies but, Shoguns now rule over them for government reasons. Since Daimyo control land, they also control the people in that land, Peasants. Peasants are just regular people. The army of people a Daimyo controls are called Samurais. Samurais also pledge their allegiance to Daimyo.

This is a picture of a Samurai -------->

Feudalism gave advantages and disadvantages to Daimyo in several different ways like, Daimyo basically got their own small country. A disadvantage is that they were constantly at war with each other. A Daimyo's life was easy but, nerve-racking with being in constant fear of other armies and commanding your own army. The easy part was telling people what land they can and can't be on and having body guards around you at all times during the day.

Picture of a Daimyo's helmet ------>

That was most of the history and identity of the Daimyos in feudal Japan. Thank you for reading.

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