Martin Luther King Jr.'s life mArtin Luther King: a great leader


Black people were kept away from white people. They could not go to the same schools or the same bathrooms not even the same jobs.Martin believe people should not hurt each other.He chose peaceful ways like,marches.,to fight for change.

Where he was born and his life

Martin was born on January 15,1929 in Atlanta,Georgia. Martin faced unfair treatment from white people.Martin was also a preacher.Things that were meant for black people were not as those white people used. He did do very well in school.

His family

His wife's name was Corretta Scott.They got married in 1953.They had four children:Yolanda,Martin Luther King III,Dexter,Bernice.Martin was smart and worked hard for his family.

As a preacher

Martin became a preacher in 1954.He talked about how they could fight for equal rights.They chose marches.People marched to let everyone know that they wanted unfair laws to change.A law is a rule that people have to follow.Martin wanted to change the way black people were treated.He thought they should be treated just as white people were.

Martin Luther king Jr. is a great leader.One day I want to be like him.


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