Jonas Brothers Take Over Atlanta for One Night and One Night Only By Karlie Dobbs

On March 30th, top 40 pop radio stations across the state of Georgia hosted a concert at the Tabernacle where the recently reunited Jonas Brothers were set to play a pop-up show. Fans blew up phone lines in hopes they would get in and I was lucky enough to be one of them.

When fans arrived, they were to pick up their tickets at will call, and then get in a line that wrapped around the entire venue. Luckily, with a little music, trivia, and the opportunity to connect with hundreds of fans, it was easy to say that everyone was entertained regardless of how long they would have to wait for doors to open.

Later that evening, the doors finally opened and the venue began to fill up. It did not take long at all to see all of the exciting faces and a few fans had a few things to say about how excited they were.

“I’m super, beyond excited,” Jackie said. “I never got to see them when they were on tour because my mom never let me go and I’ve been a fan since I was eight.”

Then there were fans like Kadijah who were even more stoked to see the boys reunite.

Kadijah and I standing outside the Tabernacle venue. (Picture by Jason Brown)

“It’s been since 2013 since I last saw them and I’m freaking out,” she said. “I don’t know what to do and I may not be able to breathe but I’m here, I’m happy and I’m living.”

As time went on, it was apparent that the wait lasted for about an hour but after a few distractions, it was show time!

The Jonas Brother’s sang some of their biggest hits like “Sucker”, “Gotta Find You”, and “Love Bug”. It was insane because with every beat, the floor began to shake. However, one of the most entertaining parts of the night was when the boys decided to sing some of their top solo songs.

Nick, Joe, and Kevin Jonas (Picture by Karlie Dobbs)

Nick Jonas decided to bless the night by giving us a taste of his song “Jealous” which was quickly followed by Joe Jonas’ former band, DNCE, and their hit “Cake By The Ocean”. It was an amazing way to end the night!

The Jonas Brothers announced that their new album “Happiness Begins” will drop June seventh of this year and, as a fan myself, we only hope this means another show for the ATL. Until then, stay “Cool”, suckers.

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