Largest Pool Solar Thermal Project Ever Scroll Down for details

It is not enough to be the best at what you do, be the only one who does what you do ! (Jerry Garcia)

At the very begging there is a period of design and planing involving mechanical engineering, Electrical Engineering, Structural engineering, water proofing, control design, material selection, finance and finally getting DSA to bless it all with a stamp

And the work begins....

With miles of trenching and pipes buried underground

Cut pipes and install controls, telemetry and valves in the pool room

Cutting into the pool main piping is no joke

Core Drilling through walls

Piping comes right after...so trenches can be filled back

The crew gets on the roofs to plan the next step...

Water proofing and anchors

Equipment is loaded on roofs

Racking and collector installation

MILES and MILES of piping designed to flow pool water to and from the roof

While collectors, racking and piping on the roof are moving on.....

Installing Control, writing the software that runs the whole operation and setting the control board

And kudos to the team that made it all happen

Finally a system with 469 Pool Solar Collector providing 55,000 Therms / Yr. Saving over $80,000 Annually

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