Roast Hand gives you the roasts when you need them the most

The details

  • basically what the roast hand is, is a glove and when your in a situation where youre being roasted but your not good at roasting and need comebacks
  • tap the glove and it scans the situation and sends roasts to the mind.
  • it comes in different skin tones such as black, white, and mixed. sizes such as small medium and large sized hands. and its affordable, only 20$!!!!!
  • you can find it in stores such as walmart and target or you can order from our website for 20% off and free shipping!!!

mission statement

our mission for our product is to help those in a embarrassing situation where somebody is flaming them and they have nothing to say back, have roasts to win the roast session.

Who can we help?

people recommended to like our product the most is young teens from 13-18 who still attend school, this is where roasting is experienced the most.

where can i buy it?

  • contact us from our website!!
  • our call us!! 1-800-needsomeicewiththatburn
  • our you can visit your nearest target!!!

the cause??

for every roast hand we sell, we will send a roasted turkey to hungry kids in chad Africa!!!!


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