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Film Synopsis - Tyler McMillan

  • 1.) The movie is about a guy named Carl Fredrickson, who has dreams and aspirations of being like his idol Charles Muntz. Chares Muntz who is a famous explorer who goes out to Paradise Falls in order to find and catch an exotic bird, which he was accused of lying about catching before
  • 2.) Carl then meets his childhood best friend, Ellie in an old rundown house where he ends up breaking his arm when he tries to recover his balloon that he accidentally let go of, upon enter the house. Later that night Ellie sneaks into his room to give him a book where she shows her desire to one day move to Paradise Falls and live there. She also promises Carl that they will one day go there
  • 3.) As the movie continues, the two friends grow up to eventually fall in love with each other and get married where they move into the house that they first met in. As they begin to start their lives together and as a few years pass, after the both of them find out that Ellie is unable to have children, they begin to start saving money for a trip to Paradise Falls. With other obligations popping up with forcing them to revert back to their savings, it was long until both Ellie and Carl both grew fairly old and with Ellie’s health declining causing her into the hospital, after a few more weeks she has passed away causing Carl to be all alone
  • 4.) As Carl is alone in his home, he begins to grow stubborn and bitter. He gets strongly encouraged to move into a retirement home because of the construction going on around his house but of course declines to do so every time that he is asked. One day, a worker accidently broke the mailbox that was cherished by Carl because of the connection with Ellie that it made for him, Carl ends up hitting one of the worker in the head and that causes Carl to end up in court where her is told he has to move into a retirement home
  • 5.) The morning after he had court, Carl planned the night before what he was going to do in order to avoid being put into a retirement home. So as the people from Shady Oaks Retirement come his house to pick him up, Carl sets off millions of helium balloons which lift his house into the sky where he begins to take off and head towards Paradise Falls
  • 6.) While that is all occurring, in the jungle there is a chase that is happening with three dogs and they are chasing a giant exotic bird. As the chase continues, they lose the birds trail because they pick up the tuning of Carl’s hearing aid. Russell finds himself in the bathroom and comes across the giant bird that was being chased and lures him with some chocolate and then names him Kevin. After he introduces him to Carl, Kevin begins to follow them on their journey
  • 7.) Carl and Russell’s scent is then picked up by the three dogs that were chasing Kevin and since Kevin is gone, the dogs take Carl and Russell to their mast who turns out to be Charles Muntz. Muntz invites the two of them into The Spirit of Adventure but once they were inside, Muntz’s whole demeanor changed. Both Carl and Russell begin to run away as they were being chased by the dogs. Muntz sets fire to Carls house knowing that their on things that remind Carl of Ellie which will cause him to leave the side of Kevin providing the opportunity for Muntz to take Kevin.
  • 8.) As Russell is a little mad Carl for abandoning Kevin, he takes a few balloons and a leaf blower in order to go find and rescue Kevin himself. As Carl sees him do that, he then begins to empty out his house of some things that are weighing it down, resulting in it being unable to float. As Carl arrives at the blimp, he sneaks in and uses a tennis ball in order to distract the guard dogs so he is able to rescue Kevin from the cage he was put in. As they begin to find a way out, Carl and Charles find themselves in a sword fight which turns into Charles shooting at them once they are outside of the blimp
  • 9.) Their whole fight ends with Charles falling to his death. Charles Muntz’s death was not the only thing lost at the end of the fight, Carl’s house which is his last reminder of Ellie was also lost but it was actually looked as a good thing to him which he has not been able to do when it comes to Ellie and things that involve her
  • 10.) Finally once they are bad on the ground, Russell is able to make it to his ceremony where he is able to receive his final badge for assisting the elderly. Since Russel’s father was not able be present at that time, Carl took his place and presented Russel with the “Ellie Badge” in place of the assistance badge. After the ceremony, Carl takes Russell to get ice cream and they sit on the curb watching the cars pass by while playing a game. buys plane tickets to South America so that Ellie can go to paradise falls and relive her childhood dream. She sadly passes away putting a temporary hold on the potential vacation

Historical/Cultural Context - Roger Repasky

  • Up comes from a long line of successful Pixar movies including Toy Story, Cars, Finding Nemo etc.
  • Up was made at a time of recession in America’s financial field. The recession resulted in thousands of families becoming homeless, loss of jobs, and overall negative spirits
  • Apart from being an amazing story, Up was also created to act as a "feel good" movie to string positive vibes
  • The culture positioned in this movie is primarily Americanized due to several factors including accents, large metropolitan areas, and the “American dream”

Character Flaw - Courtney Hunter

  • Carl becomes obsessively attached to his house and his material possessions
  • When a construction worker backs into his mailbox, Carl is infuriated and becomes violent
  • He leaves for Paradise Falls fixated on the wrong motive

Change in worldview - Jenna Soloman

  • Selfless before his wife died
  • Self-centered after his wife died, hated people, materialistic
  • After meeting Russell he became more loving and selfless again towards the end and allowed himself to fully heal from Ellie’s death.

Lesson learned about how life ought to be lived - Audrey Tubbs

  • Life should be lived filled with joy and love
  • He lived this way before Ellie died, but once he lost her he forgot all about it
  • Learning to be ok to move on from Ellie’s passing made him realize he can be happy again.
  • Love came back to his life when he met Russell, who showed Carl to love life and adventure again

Christian worldview perspective - Hunter Myers

  • The values portrayed can be seen as coming from a Judeo-Christan ethic
  • He realizes that the house is just a material possession
  • He gets less and less bitter as the movie goes on and he is surrounded by possitive characters
  • Along the way to our goals in life we may be sidetracked, but that is not a bad thing
  • Being sidetracked may help us realize that God can use us for something unexpected

Film appreciation - Audrey Tubbs

  • Similarities between Up and Richard Connell’s classic, “The Most Dangerous Game”
  • Music of the film
  • Cinematic aspects
  • o Lighting
  • o Colors
  • o Script

Character vs. plot driven - Todd Tullous

  • Story driven
  • The characters were not icons, in fact, aside from the trailer, this is the first time people are seeing these characters
  • A heavy emphasis on where Mr Fredrickson wanted to go gives the viewer a sense of destination that drives the characters to do what they do.
  • Everyone remembers Up not by the characters, but the means by which the characters reached their distinction.
  • I want to acknowledge that everything to an extent is character driven and story driven, Take superman as an extreme example of a character driven movie. The story still had to propel your understanding of who the character of superman was

Unique discussion facts - Ian Troutman

  • Is Carl Crazy?
  • Letter in Toy Story from Carl and Ellie
  • Possible Jail Time?
  • Losses?
  • Floating House?
  • Russell, dream child?
  • Kevin, remind you of someone?
  • Meeting your hero, Charles Muntz?
  • Discrepancies?
  • Kevin is actually Mickey Mouse?
  • Disney’s history
  • Objects of desire


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