Penguins are cute but deadly (to fish, krill, squid, crabs) and all of those animals are aquatic which means they're from the sea. Penguins are mostly aquatic animals they spend 55% of their time in the sea. Unfortunately penguins only live up to 15-20 years. Penguins are very fast (in water) in fact they can swim up to 4-7mph. Although, penguins eat quite tough food they don`t have any teeth, instead they have little spines on their tongue to get a grip on wriggly food.

Blue penguins are the smallest penguins alive.

A male emperor penguin incubates its egg between its legs 2 months while the female finds food for the family.

Did you know that if a female emperor penguin looses its baby (or if it dies) the female will snatch another baby on its own! Also the emperor penguin is the fastest penguin on this earth

I hope you have enjoyed my penguin slideshow and I also hope you have loved my (hopefully) informational video and LOVE PENGUINS!!! :)


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