March Newsletter Sunridge Middle school

17 Positives for Sunridge

Wednesday, March 14, was designated nationwide as a day of student engagement, and Sunridge Middle School students and staff made sure the day was one of positive engagement. After speaking with more than 100 student leaders last week, the administration shared an idea with students -- during 3rd period today, teachers will review the school's safety protocols and then get creative by having each class develop "17 things to make a positive difference at Sunridge Middle School."

Mrs. Sickel's 3rd period Art Class made signs and displayed them outside the school with positive messages such as "Just Be True to Who You Are", "Make Every Day a Good Day", "Always Have Hope" and "Positive Thinking, Positive Outcome." Principal Dave Williams said seeing those signs was a great start to the day.

During 3rd period, after a short Power Point presentation reviewing the school's safety procedures, classes posted positive notes on 17 different student lockers, pledged to meet 17 different people in the next 17 days and discussed 17 ways to make positive changes around the school. Eighth grade social studies classes wrote letters to the editor of the East Oregonian on various topics of school security, student safety and their school. The EO said they will publish the letters that are 100 words or less.

"Our students felt it was important through the lens of school safety to connect with other kids, help other kids feel safe at school and work on inclusion -- all things that contribute to a safer school," said Principal Williams. "It was a really positive day here at Sunridge and I am really proud of our staff and our students who really rose to the occasion to talk about positive change at our school."

The Amazing Race

The Amazing Race Sunridge Middle School version is based on the popular reality television game which takes travelers all around the globe. Students were teamed in partners, given a passport with 10 Route Directions, Road Blocks, Detours, and Pit Stops, and instructed to make their way through a Scholastic News Issue. This type of instruction is called gamification and is fun for the students and teachers alike.

Smoothies in Mrs. Pitt's class

My class learned how to follow a recipe and make a smoothie. In math, we learned about 1/2,1/4,and equal parts that make a whole. We learned how to select and use the correct measuring tool. In reading, we learned how to read functional words and follow a written sequence.

Digital Storytelling

With Scratch

Currently, 26% of professional computing occupations are held by women. How would technology be different if 50% of the creators were female? Dr. Miner designed the Girls Engage Technology (GET) program to find out. She has a Ph.D. in chemistry and a passion for inspiring young girls in engineering and technology. After 25 years of running electron microscopy labs for the development of microprocessors at Intel, Dr. Miner retired from engineering and started the GET program to address gender disparities in computer and technology education.

8th grade visits PHS

Multicultural Youth Leadership Conference

On March 7th, 2018 a group of 8th grade students traveled to the convention center to participate in an annual Multicultural Youth Leadership Conference. Students were introduced to this year’s theme: Attitudes for Success and had an opportunity to learn more about various topics such as, preparing for college, stress management, college admission process, workforce preparation and more. SMS students had a fantastic time learning more about their future and hearing from two key-note speakers about the importance of maintaining a positive outlook on life.


East Coast Trip!!!

No Tardy Party

March Bronc Pride Awards

6th Grade

Chloe Alferez, Ike Arthur, Karma Breshears, Hayden Dodge, JP Dougherty, Andrea Eichholz, Rylee Etchamendy, Hailey Fagan, Jareen Hines, Hunter Holford, Orion Martin, Viviana Martinez, Gage Munt, Grace Pitner, Hailey Schmidt, Milre Sherman, Chloe Smith, Gage Strzelczyk, Kaden Talbot, Avyn Watchman, Kenny Wolf

7th Grade

Maria Alvarez-Barroso, Case Bylenga, Austin Carlson, Kailee Christenson, Clayson Cooley, Easton Corey, Andrew Demianew, Rylee Demianew, Rebekah Edmonds, Antonio Flores, Diamond Greene, Billy Higheagle, Richard Huesties, Paegen Kang, Aubrey Lehnert, Jasper McCorkle, Dylan McNeilly, Grace Moses, Stella Rabb, Andri Reddick, Demi Sorensen, Bryan Visoso Castillo, Summer Wildbill, Sammantha Wilks, Dilubch Yaoch

8th Grade

Lindsey Atkinson, Gabrielle Bedolla, Rosie Blue Thunder, Shavaneaux Bell, Ann Bostwick, Lexi Bowen, Alara Campbell, Ella Chrisman, Michael Cisneros, Delainey Coiner, Emma Coleman, Olivia Corbett, Melinda Cramp, Matthew Ellis, Allison Galloway, Sauren Garton, Akira Gomez,

Antonio Hernandez, Sarah House, Daisy Jenness, Sam Jennings, Todd Kelly, Isabelle LeCornu, Kinley McAnally, Kendall Moore, Julia Naughton, Lucy Oyama, Lindsey Pasena-Littlesky, Paige Pitner, Anahi Ponce-Palomera, Davin Russell, Jaden Samp, Shaelynn Silva, Ember Spencer, Ryatt Strandholm, Chloe Taber, Kylie Waugh, MacKenzie Whaley

Important Upcoming Dates

April 13

Staff In-Service - NO SCHOOL

April 19

7th & 8th grade Career Day

April 20

Glow Dance and Activity 6:00-08:00

April 26

Drama Class to Portland

May 9-11

ODS week #1 - Schulze, Erwin, Demianew

May 16-18

ODS week #2 - Scanlan, A. Nelson, Stern

May 23-25

OSD week #3 - Varela, Oja, Summerfield


Nicki Bowen, Mrs. Robinson, Mr. Gundlach's Film and Photography class, and Mrs. Sou

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