Title of case:Plessy v. Ferguson

Side one people and argument:Separate but equal accommodations for white and non-white.

Side two people and argument: Equal protection

The supreme court decision: U.S supreme court which Upheld the previous decisions that racial segregation Is constitutional under the separate but equal doctrine.

How did it affect the laws and country? The penalty for sitting in the wrong compartment was a fineOf $25 or 20 days in jail.

How did it affect the culture of the country?Everyone was getting arrested for sitting in a white persons seat.

Side one people and argument:All men are created equal and had inalienable rights.

Side two people and argument:Title of case:Plessy v. Ferguson(1896)

Plessy v. Ferguson(1896)

The supreme court decisions:

The court held that Mississippi could require segregation on modes of interstate transportation.

How did it affect the laws of the country:

These policies required segregation in public places. African Americans were denied equal access to public facilities like transportation, education, and the voting booth.

How did it affect the culture of the country:

Five years later, Homer Plessy, a resident of Louisiana, decided to challenge a Louisiana law requiring segregation on railcars by purchasing a train ticket and sitting in a “whites only” car


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