Latin America Bethany Parnham

Cattle Ranching/ Deforestation of the Amazon

Local tribes in the Amazon Rainforest have tried numerous times to confront the deforestation. Back in the late 1960's, the Amazon was once peaceful and quiet. But now that their land is being disturbed, animals and tribes are forced to move their home from destroyed forest for cattle ranching.

Miners Caught in Earthquake in Chile

On Febuary 27 of 2010, an earthquake struck the town of Chile. At that time, miners that were underground were caught in the earthquake and were trapped underground due to cave ins. After, several tsunamis occurred killing more than 1,000 people along with 5,000 during the earthquake. 2 million people were homeless after the earthquake.

Argentina's "Dirty War"

In 1986, rebellions, upraised and dictatorship all began when two laws were passed by dictator Guerra Sucia. The two laws were the Full Stop Law and the Due Obediance Law. Local citizens are being affected as well as other people's families due to their military. The only two solutions to this "dirty war" is peace among the government and its people or Guerra Sucia leaves the country.

Mexico/US's War on Drugs

Across the Mexico/US boarder, illegal drugs are being crossed to be sold illegally on the US streets. It started when President Richard Nixon declared 'War on Drugs' in 1971. People all across the US are dying from these illegal drugs such as cocain, marijuana, and Heroin. The only way to solve this problem from getting any more drastic is to stop all drug productions.

Diamond Mining & Cinta Larga Tribe in the Amazon

Mining in the Amazon began in 1999 of Brazil when miners have trespassed into a local tribe called the Cinta Larga. The tribes chief has tried to confront the miners telling them that this was their land meaning that this was 'their spirit' connected to the land. This illegal mining has caused killings by the tribe. If this continues, there could be genocide from either side.

There are cultural issues everywhere- Banggladesh, Latin America, Africa, wherever you go. But somehow, when we talk about cultural differences, we magnify those differences. -Mahummad Yunus


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