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Yahoo Mail has debuted completely innovative new Yahoo Mail Pro. Yes, it is the worth using platform. The new Yahoo mail is visually more clean and appealing and along with this, it provides customization, colored themes, increased space between UI elements and attractiveness. You can also see new stationary options and the ability to use Twitter’s emoji set from their open-source library.

The Yahoo Mail Pro will have no ads and it includes priority customer support also. But if users face any sort of concern or problem, they can connect with the highly skilled specialists and professionals to come across such concerns immediately whenever needed. The team of specialists can dial Yahoo customer care help center to receive fastest and complete recovery from glitches and concerns.

There are also several other innumerable changes such as GIF library, and you can explore the updates more in-depth on Yahoo’s website. If you decide it’s not for you, there’s always the option to switch back to the old look in settings. So, apart from grabbing, these benefits, users of Yahoo can also get rid spam and blocked email.

Yahoo Pro version

Steps to block email on Yahoo and bounce back to its sender on a new Yahoo mail

• First download an independent email management tool with a bouncing feature

• Run the file that you have downloaded

• Follow the instructions on the installer to install your program

• After this just pen your email program

• After that start up your new mail washer

• Click the check mail option for receiving incoming mails in Yahoo

• Right click on the message

• Now you can choose “Mark for bouncing” option

• You will again process mail button when bouncing is finished

• Now after that click on the message in bounce bully

• You can now select configuration tab

• Click on the “Bounce” button to bounce the email back to spammer

A user must understand, that spam mails, online offers, advertisements, and coupons all these things can be blocked permanently as well as bounced back.

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