Merry Christmas From Hawthorn Alt. High School

The students from Hawthorne Alt. School had a chance to tour the new space that they will be moving into after the break. This photo shows their common area, used for passing times, and occasionally lunch time. The students are interested in painting a mural on one of the walls!

They are already thinking about how to customize one of the two computer lab class rooms. Thanks Mr. B for joining the tour!

The largest class room is the old library that will accommodate not only the High school computer lab, but also the GED lab.

Many of the students were curious about future opportunities to get involved in the CTE programs and had lots of great questions.

On Dec.14th, 2016. Mr. Thompson, Mrs. Bermel and 15 of our students went out to Tamástslikt Cultural Institute to tour the United States Holocaust Memorial exhibit.

Students standing in front of the "In loving Memory" fish memorial.
Students were really taken back by some of the "dark" world history.

Upcoming Events:

While we don't have any pictures to capture the moment, staff are treating the students to a final Christmas breakfast at Hawthorne on December 17th. It's time to say goodbye to our old school building. Counselors from PHS will visit students early in January to talk about the process to enroll elective classes.

Too many memories not enough words. Good bye Hawthorne Alt. High School we will miss you......

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