How to build a Pratt Bridge By, Shelby Reed


  1. 300 popscicle sticks
  2. 2 bottles of Elmer's glue
  3. 2 Kleenex boxes
  4. Box of Rubber bands
  5. Newspaper
  6. Flat surface


  1. Lay newspaper down on flat surface
  2. Line 7 popsicle sticks next to each other going end to end
  3. Take 4 other sticks and put one dot of glue on each end of the stick
  4. Take the 4 sticks and line them on top of the 7 other sticks. Make sure you put the sticks on top in the middle of the stick on the bottom
  5. Use 1 stick to angle in on the end of the row then put a dot of glue on another stick and glue it angling in on top of that
  6. Take 8 sticks and line them up end to end and glue the top stick angling in on the side to the end of one of the 8 sticks
  7. Take 8 more sticks and line them end to end and glue them along the middle of the trapezoid figure
  8. Use 20 sticks to line them going up and down to support the bridge
  9. Take 18 sticks and make them connect end to end on the sticks going up and down
  10. Rotate the sticks end during each box you place the stick across
  11. Repeat the same steps to make another side of the bridge


  1. Take 66 sticks and line them up next to each other
  2. Glue 6 sticks going end to end on top of the sticks
  3. Glue 5 sticks going end to end underneath the bottom 6 sticks
  4. Do step 2 and 3 on the bottom of the lined up sticks

Attaching bottom to sides of bridge:

  1. Put glue on the end of bottom side bridge
  2. Hold bottom bridge together until completely dry


  1. Line 7 sticks together going long ways
  2. Put glue on one full side of 2 sticks
  3. Line them going side ways of the 7 sticks going long ways
  4. Glue 7 more sticks on top of them

Attaching anchor to side of bridge:

  1. Take end of anchor and glue the side, top, and diagonal
  2. Press the anchor on the end of the side bridge


  1. Take 14 sticks and put a dot of glue on each end of the stick
  2. Place the sticks going at an X on top of the bridge

Tips while making this bridge:

  1. Hold/put pressure on the stick until fully dry
  2. Hot glue is suggested rather than Elmer's glue
  3. Holding weights down on the sticks is also suggested for the glue to dry faster
Created By
Shelby Reed

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