Village of Pulaski Local Government

Pulaski, Wisconsin is a great place to be!

5 Issues and Events in Pulaski

New weigh lift station - PTS construction request payment for a new $9,431.87 way station.

Cell Tower - Site approval for a cell tower on the corner of E. Cedar and Markham Drive.

Pulaski Tri-County Fire Department - They have a request for a new fire engine worth $30,703.
Baseball Season - working on infield, outfields, fences, dugouts, teams, fundraisers, banner program and a new sign for the Pat McDermid field.
N.E.W. Para-Medic/-Public Safety - Request $2,000 dollars back to NEW Rescue. As well as a request for total of $7,379.52 back to the village of Pulaski. $3,000 of that will go towards new equipment/squad. I agree with the villages choice of getting the new equipment and squad because if the equipment is up to date then then medics will run more efficiently and that saves lives.
585 E Glenbrook Drive, Pulaski, Wisconsin

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