Elora Gorge Elora, Ontario

Trip Rating: 5/5

I was offered the chance to tag along on a white water trip in the Elora Gorge. Being the adventurer I am, I jumped at the opportunity. I have been coming to Elora ever since my wife and I started dating. We spent our first vacation there together, camping in the park. To say the least, it is a special place to us. So much so, we named our daughter Abbey Elora.

This post is going to follow a slightly different format. I wouldn’t go in here alone, so I wouldn’t be comfortable detailing it for others. If you do want to go, I highly suggest joining the Guelph Kayaking Club, or at very least, finding an experienced guide to take you.

This is a legitimate whitewater course. In the fall, it is a CII/CIII level and in the spring, it could challenge even the most seasoned professionals. Again, do not risk harm by going in alone.

Once we reached the base, I was immediately stuck with the stunning beauty of the gorge, I have seen it many times from above, but was I ever blown away by the scenery from below.

The guys gave me a quick lesson on the basics of the Gorge and we went upstream to do a warm-up in what they referred to as the waterfall below the “Tooth of Time”

Wait, what?? A waterfall…..The Tooth of Time???

Well, it was as amazing as it sounded.

The Tooth of Time
The Tooth of Time is the rock formation in the centre of the waterfall.

Once I had some practice paddling in the strong currents, it was time to start hitting the rapids.

Getting ready to go down stream.
And we’re off!
Waiting for these slow pokes to catch up!
Getting tips from a pro
Mike is 83 years old and still going strong!
How did a canoe get in here?
From there, we headed off to Curtis’ Corner.

The story that was given to me is there had been a serious accident on this stretch with a long time paddler in the gorge named Curtis. After running it myself, I can see how that could happen, its a stark reminder how careful you need to be on the water.

I feel lucky to have the opportunity to spend the day with such a great bunch of guys learning about the Gorge and whitewater kayaking. Looking forward to my next invite.

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