Mr. Hammonds A Teacher spotlight

Created by Alic Hemingway, 2018-2019

Mr. Hammonds is the Vice Principal of Mount Vernon High School.


Michael and Carolyn have been married for 21 years and have two wonderful children.
Grant Hammonds is a Junior at MV High. He is one of the best trainers for our football team.
Grayson Hammonds is a student in the Middle School. She loves playing softball and hopes to attend the University of Texas when she's older.
"My favorite thing about being a princpal is the ability to have an impact on our future leaders"
"My favorite hobby is coaching my daughter in softball"
"My Favorite book has to be I Play to Win, it's a first hand account of a student battling cancer and teaches the reader to work hard and never give up."

Why did you decide to be a princpal?

"The reason for me becoming a Teacher/Princpal is I like being able to help students and push them to there full potential."

What sports did you play when you were in high school?

" I played pretty much everything including football, track, baseball, and theater."

What's the number one lesson you want your kids to wake away with?

"I want them to be intrinsically motivated."

We thank you Mr. Hammonds for everything you do for our school!


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